Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Junior Fernandez, Antonio Ferrari

Director’s Notes:

Antonio Ferrari is here for his first scene with another dude, and Junior Fernandez is happy to not be the newbie any longer! Although Antonio is a little nervous he’s got that optimistic energy and knows those nerves will fade away once he gets started, and Junior is eager to show him the ropes! They make out for a minute, kissing playfully before getting on the bed and stripping down, Junior climbs between Antonio’s legs and sucks that huge cock as Antonio watches him work it.

Junior runs his lips and tongue along Antonio’s long shaft, choking on that fat cock a little as he gets Antonio hard. It’s Junior’s turn for oral and that means Antonio is about to feel what it’s like to suck a cock for the first time, and Junior encourages him as Antonio takes that dick in his mouth. Antonio does something right since he gets Junior hard in no time at all, and he even tries deepthroating Junior’s prick before Junior bends over and offers up his ass to Antonio!

Antonio buries his member in Junior’s ass, fucking him hard and raw and loving the feeling of that tight hole around his cock as he tries it in a few different positions. Junior grabs his own dick and it doesn’t take much until he’s coming hard, and Antonio gets in a few more good thrusts before he pulls out and explodes, his cum going everywhere as these boys take a breath and recover from that hot scene!

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