Studio:  Bentley Race

Star(s):  Jack Van Duin

Director’s Notes:

I’m totally swooning over my new mate Jack. This 20 year old tanned blond boy from the Netherlands has been travelling around Australia for the past year. In his final week in Australia he tells me he got up the courage to come around to my place for a shoot. And I’m really glad he did. Jack tells me that he spent most of the past year driving all over Australia with his mates, and at times naked! He showed me a few shots of him and his mates posing naked by the side of the road. He loves Australia and hopes to come back again. He was so excited as he talked about his travels and all the people he had met. He has got such a cute smile that keeps breaking out across his face as I direct him to strip off. That golden tan is a sign of how much time he has spent naked in Australia. In our day together Jack also stripped off one more time and fucked a fleshlight on my bed. The toy got him so excited that he blew cum all over his belly. The big smile on his face is a sign of how much he enjoyed getting filmed while getting off. It was a pleasure to watch my new euro mate showing off that beautiful furry bum and uncut cock before putting on a hot show. I hope we will cross paths and make more videos sometime. In the meantime please enjoy this scene with my sexy new mate.

Click here now to check out the full scene at Bentley Race.

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