Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Tomas Decastro, Laco Meido, Tom Vojak, Jaro Vykvet

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party 2016 #5 features Tom Vojak, Laco Meido, Tomas Decastro and Jaro Vykvet.  In this first part we see them in the flat as a package has been delivered.  Tom opens the package and inside are various sex toys such as whips, dildos and blindfolds.  Deciding they need using Laco and Jaro kneel on the sofa showing off their bare asses as Tomas and Tom take hold of whips and start hitting the butts.  Then Tomas puts some nipple clamps on Jaro too as Tom continues to whip and feel Laco’s ass.  Then the guys kiss before resuming the gentle whipping of those sexy asses. Tomas’s cock comes out and Jaro wanks it as the two of them kiss.  Laco takes out Tom’s big cock too and wanks it while kissing him. Jaro and Laco kiss as the other two get fully naked and kiss.  Tomas wanks on Tom’s cock as they kiss.  Then, all naked, the play continues with clamps being applied to Laco’s nipples and clothes pins are placed on his balls too.  His big, hard, cock tussles with Tom’s as they make them flop around.  Jaro wanks Tomas’ throbbing cock too as Laco sits and takes Tom’s in his mouth.  He sucks the big cock real well as Jaro does the same to Tomas’.  They suck and lick at the rock hard cocks for a while and then Tom and Tomas move to each other, wanking and kissing as Laco lays on the sofa, with Jaro kneeling over him.  Jaro sucks on Tomas’ cock again as Tom feeds his into Laco’s waiting mouth.

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