William Higgins: Petr Parnek is such a cutie. Enjoy watch him as he shows off his naked body.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Petr Parnek

Director’s Notes:

Petr Parnek is a very hot, straight, guy aged 18.  He lives in Prague and is a student who enjoys sports, swimming and tennis. He look so good, with his handsome face, posing for the camera.  Petr looks even better once he has bared his hot, and well defined body.  We get to see his sexy ass, with the soft, downy, hair that lines the crack. He shows that ass so well, including the tight hole, and then lets us enjoy his cock. Making some very good wood Petr’s dick is very impressive and we get some great shots as he poses to really show it off.  Then he finishes a great shoot with more of that sexy ass.

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