Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Tony Newport

Director’s Notes:

The Ranch has quietly and quickly turned into a “must visit” for those hot Southern Porn Stars and we can’t get enough of them. I couldn’t wait to get Tony Newport out to the Ranch so I made sure that he stopped by the first chance he could and give us a little lovin.

Tony came by the Ranch and hung out for a weekend and in true Tony Newport fashion, he spent the weekend naked and breaking hearts. We took Tony outside in the cool breeze so that he could get naked and show off for our cameras.

I finally had to stop the photo shoot so that Tony could get down to business because I couldn’t wait any longer. Tony had spent the night before with an unattended hard-on so he showed up with blue balls that needed to be drained. He laid back on the bench out in the fresh air and stroked his uncut cock. His olive skin was beaded with sweat as he worked it harder and harder.

Tony looked up at the cameras and gave us that melting smile of his to let us know that he was getting close to unloading his nut. He arched his back and moaned as he spilled thick ball liquor all over his sweaty stomach. Tony flashed us one more smile which was just about more than we could handle.

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