Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Carson Carver, Haigan Sence

Director’s Notes:

So here is what happens when two boys get together with a new sex toy. Carson was checking out our closet full of toys when he came across a pocket pussy. Now we have told you before that a lot of these country boys really haven’t spent much time out of the little country towns that they cum from. If you were ever questioning where or not I was being truthful, you must watch this video from beginning to end.

Carson immediately called upon his big brother, Haigan to share in the mischief. Of course leave it to Haigan to set up the cameras so that everything could be caught on tape. The guys checked out their new toy like it was their first bicycle at X-Mas only this was even better than the porn they stole when they were teens.

Haigan and Carson stripped naked and jumped onto the couch and started stroking their already hard cocks. Carson is constantly checking out Haigan’s manhood as he offers help to make sure that he was well lubricated. I think Carson was just thinking of anything he could to get close to Haigan’s monster uncut cock. Haigan loves the attention and gladly offers up his cock for Carson to lube.

Both boys just destroy their toys as they work themselves up to frenzy. Haigan was the first to dump his load and he grabbed the lid to one of the cans so that he could capture all his thick semen. When Carson was close, Haigan ordered him to cum the cap also and then Haigan told Carson that he was going to force feed Carson the lid full of cum. Carson shot a huge load at just the thought.

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