Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Austin Perry, Tyler West

Director’s Notes:

We take Austin when we can take him and convince him to come and hang out for a while or mostly just when he needs money. Well Austin was short on funds so he showed up at our door and our good buddy Tyler West just happened to be chilling with us too.

Tyler got Austin completely naked while he stayed completely clothed and taking Austin’s hard cock deep in his mouth. Tyler worked over Austin cock with his warm mouth until Austin was standing at full attention and wanting more. Austin’s raging boner was about to split out of his skin.

Tyler made Austin return the favor until they were both in need for some serious fucking. Tyler may be the one getting fucked but he was in control of this for start to finish. Tyler knows how he likes to get fucked and he made sure that Austin knew as well.

Tyler which usually takes hours to drop his load was on his back with Austin’s throbbing cock pounding away when out of almost know where, Tyler shot a stream of cum all over his stomach. That was all that Austin could handle so he pulled out and drained his nuts all over Tyler face.

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