Broke Straight Boys: Hung Tim Hanes drills sexy Gage Owens.


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Tim Hanes, Gage Owens

Director’s Notes:

Gage Owens is going to help Tim Hanes get a little more comfortable and try some new things today and although Tim may be a bit unsure, he’s keeping and open mind. Gage doesn’t waste any time when we set them loose, getting Tim’s pants off and going down on him, sucking that sweet cock while Tim watches him work. Gage’s skilled mouth gets Tim hard in no time, pushing that cock farther down his throat as he pleasures Tim until these guys are ready for something different.

Gage kneels on the bed on all fours and Tim lubes up and slowly pushes his dick into Gage’s ass, giving it a few good thrusts before letting Gage take over and ride his cock. When Gage needs a break, Tim doesn’t hesitate in taking charge and fucking him hard and deep, getting him on his back and spreading that ass apart so he can bury his cock inside of Gage. Tim pounds him as he holds Gage’s legs in the air and the faster Tim pounds him the harder Gage jerks his own prick until both guys shoot a huge load!

Click here now to check out the full scene at Broke Straight Boys.

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