William Higgins: Things get very sweaty with Milan, Rosta, Martin and Erik!


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Milan Belan, Rosta Benecky, Martin Dorcak, Erik Drda

Director’s Notes:

In Wank Party 2016 #4 we have Rosta Benecky, Erik Drda, Milan Belan and Martin Dorcak.  Firstly we see Milan and Erik on the sofa charring, and deciding to arm wrestle.  As they get started Martin and Rosta come in and encourage them, but Rosta says it isn’t all about strength but also about how the body looks.  So Erik and Milan stand up and remove their tee shirts to compare chests.  Rosta has other things in mind and he and Martin coat those chests in oil.  Then Milan and Erik flex biceps for a comparison and Rosta leads the examination of the hot bodies. Then his plan goes further into action, he tells them to compare dicks.  The guy readily comply, removing their jeans and wanking themselves as Martin and Rosta continue rubbing their bodies.  They kiss on the necks too and the wanking swells the big cocks.  Then Martin and Rosta take off their tee shirts.  Milan and Erik sit down and are soon joined by a naked Martin and Rosta kneels before them.  All four are good and hard and Martin kisses Milan and takes hold of his cock to wank it.  Milan wanks Martin’s massive dick as Rosta leans forward to kiss Erik’s hot body.  He takes hold of Erik’s dick and wanks it as Martin bends forward to suck on Milan’s.  Rosta does the same to Erik’s dick, taking it in his mouth as Milan takes a turn on Martin’s. Martin’s big cock fills Milan’s mouth as his head bobs up and down on it.  Rosta keeps sucking Erik and Milan gets onto his knees, presenting his ass to Martin who eagerly laps at his hot hole.  He gets his tongue right into the hole as Milan kisses Erik’s chest.  Rosta’s mouth continues to work on Erik’s rock hard cock as Martin starts to finger Milan’s hole.  He fucks his finger in and out of the ass and then rims it some more.  Milan takes a turn on Erik’s cock as his hole is getting the treatment from Martin. Roasta licks Erik’s balls as Milan continues to suck the cock. Then Rosat sucks on the cock again.  Then he moves over so that Milan can suck him as Martin takes a turn on Erik’s cock. Milan sits and leans back for Rosta to suck his cock as Martin’s lips wrap tight around Erik’s cock.  As Rosta sucks Milan he slips a finger into his ass too. Then both Milan and Erik have their legs in the air, exposing their tight holes.  Martin rims Erik’s ass as Rosta fingers and then laps as Milan’s hole.

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