William Higgins: Robin Valej bottoms for Paul Hunter.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Paul Hunter, Robin Valej

Director’s Notes:

Robin Valej is on the phone to his coach, as he relaxes on the sofa.  He explains that he will be a little late for training.  The reason for his lateness is that he has a bare-chested Paul Hunter in front of him and he plans to enjoy himself before training.  He stands and begins to caress Paul’s hot chest and to rub his groin.  Robin starts to kiss Paul working his way down the chest and opening the jeans.  He pulls Paul’s hard cock out of his underwear and starts to suck it.  Robins lips are tight around the cock as he sucks,with Pauls hand on the back of his head.  Paul starts to fuck his cock into Robin’s mouth, enjoying the feeling. As he sucks Robin slips a hand into his shorts, then he stands and kisses Paul again. Then Robin gets naked and sits on the arm of the sofa for Paul to suck on his big, hard, cock.  That handsome face looks so good with a cock sliding in and out of his mouth. Paul works on the cock as it stands so proud.  Then he kisses up Robin’s chest working his way up to the mouth again.  Robin lays down and Paul climbs over him to 69. having enjoyed the sucking they then move on to some fucking.  Robin bends over the sofa arm, presenting his hot ass to Paul.  His cock is pushed back between his legs as Paul’s slides into the eagerly awaiting hole.  He fucks Robin’s ass deep and hard, going all the way in. He grabs Robin’s shoulders for leverage as he pounds the hot hole. Then the move, with Robin laying, legs together and to the side as Pauls dick slams in and out of his ass.  Robin’s cock is trapped between his thighs as he takes Paul’s dick all the way. Then they flip, with Paul on his hack and Robin’s big cock deep in his hole.  Paul grabs his own cocka nd wanks it as Robin keeps up his hard fucking.  He soon shoots his hot load with Robin’s cock slamming into his ass.  Robin continues to fuck that ass until he is ready too, then he pulls out and dumps his cum on Paul’s right thigh.  Robin milks every last drop of creamy cum from his cock and then leans over to kiss Paul again as the scene ends.

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