Studio:  Staxus

Star(s):  Chad Johnstone, Alessandro Katz

Director’s Notes:

Ever the excitable young pup, Chad Johnstone is only too happy to show off his bartending skills to Alessandro Katz; but his seemingly boundless energy only appears to increase yet further when he decides to make a pass at his friend by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. We never actually get to hear what’s said, but suffice it to report that Katz’s response speaks volumes. Before you know it the lad is down on his knees, reaching into Johnstone’s shorts, and giving his mate’s hairless dick a very tight embrace with his lips. You could almost imagine Johnstone creaming in delight right there and then; but to his credit the horned-up beauty manages to contain his excitement for the moment and promptly returns the favour, gobbling on Katz’s knob for all he’s worth. Of course, anyone who knows this filthy-minded fucker by now realises that his restraint is purely self-serving. What he really wants, after all, is to get that perfectly preened cock of his deep inside his mate’s arse-hole; and having taken a few moments to rim the hungry pucker in preparation, he proceeds to do exactly that, pushing Katz up against a full-length mirror in the process. Cue a truly terrific display of raw fornication between these two gorgeous bastards; with Katz taking the chance to ride Johnstone’s shaft cowboy-style in order to maximise the penetration. It’s no great wonder, under the circumstances, that the cream is soon flying. What may come as more of a surprise is the fact that both guys are so hyped-up by the occasion that they both emit a tsunami of piss to accompany all their spunk!

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