Southern Strokes: Sexy jock Joey Vox blasts his load all over the court.


Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Joey Vox

Director’s Notes:

Joey was hanging out in South Texas just minding his own business one morning when Haigan stopped by and asked him if he wanted to take a little ride with him. These two had never met but Joey jumped in the car and next thing you know, they are on there way to Oklahoma for a little fun.

Haigan decided that Joey was somebody that we would want to see so he took a little detour and swung by with Joey chilling in the front seat. We aren’t really sure at this point how much exactly Joey knows and what we are about to ask him to do.

Seems that Haigan is a good judge of character cause Joey was down for whatever and down to make it as much fun in the process. He took off his shirt letting us see his flawless naturally smooth chest and abs. Joey has the most beautiful olive complexion and his skin his creamy.

Joey shot a few hoops and then took and break and pulled down his shorts and started jerking his big cut cock. Joey jacked off into the night for us squirting his 19 year old cum load all over the court. He unloaded a good quart of cum for our enjoyment.

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