Studio:  Men at Play

Star(s):  Dato Foland, Logan Moore

Director’s Notes:

Ever since DATO FOLAND’s return to MENATPLAY, LOGAN MOORE has been asking to get fucked by him, and how could we say no when the thought of these two together is enough to get the blood rushing to your dick. These two men are pure perfection – Logan with his beautiful face, perfect ass, and ‘fuck me’ eyes. And Dato…well basically everything about Dato. Put them together and the result is perfect chemistry.

A Leather-clad Dato baits the handsome business-man at the bar, leading him straight into the backroom where he can have him all to himself. His dick in his hand and stroking it slowly, Dato waits for Logan to get down onto his knees and blow him like only a cock-hungry bottom can. And Logan doesn’t even worry about ruining his expensive suit so long as he swallows Dato’s uncut meat.

Next Dato pulls Logan up form the floor, and up onto a nearby sling where he can have full access to Logan’s warm hole, and give it a seriously deep pounding. And once he’s had his fill of Logan’s ass – leaving him nicely stretched, Dato shoots an impressive load all over the blue eyed stranger, leaving him dripping in his warm cum.

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