College Dudes: Sexy collegiate jocks Alexander Greene and Seth Stark have a hot flip flop.


Studio:  College Dudes

Star(s):  Alexander Greene, Seth Stark

Director’s Notes:

Alexander Greene and Seth Stark make out before they move from kissing to cock-sucking, and Alexander goes down on Seth first, unleashing that huge cock and taking it in his mouth. He works that dick with his hand while he massages it with his tongue and then they swap and Alexander is on the receiving end of Seth’s amazing oral. The boys 69 and then Alexander eats Seth’s ass, giving him a rimjob while he yanks on Seth’s cock from behind and makes him moan in pleasure.

When Seth’s ass is loosened up a bit he climbs on top of Alexander’s lap and lowers himself onto that massive dick, barely even able to fit it all in his ass as he rides it hard, stretching his tight ass as he gets fucked. Seth gets on all fours on the bed, sticking his ass in the air to receive Alexander’s thick member and Alexander doesn’t go easy on him, he fucks him deep, burying the full length of his cock in Seth’s ass as his balls slap against Seth while he pounds him.

They flip and Alexander gets a turn taking cock as he rides Seth and then moves over to the bed, on his back and legs spread as he invites Seth’s throbbing cock inside of him. Seth fucks Alex until Alex drains a huge load all over himself and then Seth pulls out and busts a nut too!

Click here now to check out the full scene at College Dudes.

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