Broke Straight Boys: Cutie Zach Covington sucks off newbie Tim Hanes then strokes his own cock.


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Zach Covington, Tim Hanes

Director’s Notes:

Our two new guys, Tim Hanes and Zach Covington, are ready to have some new experiences today, but Tim opts out of sucking Zach’s cock since he’s not ready yet, so Zach is our brave soldier for this scene! When Tim get out of his clothes, Zach hesitates for a moment but then reaches over and grabs Tim’s dick, playing with it in his hand before leaning over and taking it in his mouth next.

Although Tim has never had a guy’s mouth on his dick and Zach has never had a dick in his mouth, Zach seems to be doing something pretty damn well since Tim gets hard in no time. Zach sucks Tim’s long cock, working that big dick with his mouth as Tim leans back and enjoys. Zach takes his own pants off and touches himself while he sucks off Tim, stroking his own cock and making Tim moan as he gets closer to coming until he lets his load out all over Zach’s face! Zach takes that facial cumshot in stride as he sits back, wipes off and starts to jerk his own cock fast and hard until he busts a nut!

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