Staxus: Tony Conrad and Benjamin Dunn has fun with she-male Sasha Shatalova.


Studio:  Staxus

Star(s):  Tony Conrad, Benjamin Dunn, Sasha Shatalova

Director’s Notes:

There’s nothing more alluring that a dominant she-male, as STAXUS stalwarts Tony Conrad and Benjamin Dunn discover when placed in the company of hot Ukrainian bombshell, Sasha Shatalova. Indeed, if these two buddies were ever of the opinion that they were gonna be calling the shots in this horny escapade then rest assured that they are definitely in for a rude awakening here! For the fact remains that there can only ever be one mistress in this house; and within seconds of being introduced to the two, leathered-bound mates she’s definitely firmly in control – flicking Conrad with a horse-tail whip, rubbing her stilettos against Conrad’s shaft, and then forcing the boys to suck each other’s cocks! To be fair, however, these two lads are clearly enjoying being dominated – or at least if the raging hard-ons in their crotches are anything to go by! For young Conrad, however, the domination quickly ratchets up a notch when Shatalova and Dunn turn their combined attention to his hungry little fuck-hole, smacking his ass with clear impunity and then pushing a sex-toy into his arse. It’s all a little too much for the horny young fucker, if truth be told; and before you know it he’s offering up his lubed-up pucker to Dunn, whilst Shatalova blows him off. What’s more, the humiliation only intensifies still further when the lady-boy takes her turn to shaft him – working every inch of her dick into his guts whilst Dunn takes his chance to intermittently gobble her. All of which culminates in the lads spewing over Shatalova’s face, before jerking her to a heady climax!

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