Staxus: Martin Muse gives Milan Sharp some much needed medical attention.


Studio:  Staxus

Star(s):  Martin Muse, Milan Sharp

Director’s Notes:

We all know fast-food isn’t good for us, and yet we all continue to eat it on a regular basis – as Milan Sharp does here, whilst strolling around town. It’s not long, however, before the bad choice of food is playing havoc with the fellow’s digestive system. As a result, he’s soon calling in at the doctor’s, hoping to get an appointment with Martin Muse. Fortunately for the lad, the medic is available and is soon able to diagnose the problem. The bad news, however, is that the remedy is not your usual prescription. Instead, Muse insists that Sharp gets on all fours so that he can start to finger his arsehole – assumedly in the hope that the painful blockage can be loosened. To be fair we never actually discover if the treatment genuinely works. What does become very apparent, however, is that all that finger-work has a direct effect on Sharp’s oversized cock, which is soon very badly swollen and crying out for attention. Luckily, Muse is on hand to provide some treatment to that part of his patient’s anatomy as well; signalling the start of a terrific session of cock-sucking that sees both lads feasting away on meat like a carnivore’s dream! But it’s Sharp’s bunged-up ass that serves as the main focal point of the action – though it’s hard to see how the decision to thrust a handsome ramrod deep inside the fellow’s guts is gonna help matters. To the medic’s credit, however, the insertion of his hard cock inside the fellow’s butt definitely seems to hit the spot; so much so that Sharp is soon squirting a watery wad of jizz in response, before Muse creams his buddy’s face in return!

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