Studio:  Dirty Tony

Star(s):  Alec Hudson

Director’s Notes:

Some guys like to play both sides of the fence, and Alec Hudson is definitely one of those guys. Built big, muscled all-American jock, Alec first discovered his desire to switch hit when a gay friend of his was recovering from a recent break-up with his boyfriend. Alec consoled his friend, but that quickly turned into a passionate make-out session. Later, he jumped in bed and gave some lucky guy a piece of him, and now he finds that he enjoys topping guys or gals. In case anyone is taking notes, Alex likes the outdoors, as in sex outdoors, and on the beach. His sexual bucket list includes group sex. His deep masculine voice doesn’t hurt his chances either. Once Alec uncrosses his massive arms and lets his hand wander down between his thick thighs, it doesn’t take long for something to come up. Alex doesn’t just stop at rubbing his crotch, he gets his whole body into it. Then he peels off his shirt, and BAM, pecs and abs for days. He unbuttons his fly, and in moments, he whips it out, lays back and starts stroking away. Then the pants go down to his ankles and he gets hard as a rock as he goes at it some more. His beautifully tanned body flexes and turns with each stroke. Then he sits up, legs spread wide and jacks at his cock, switching off hands. Then he flips over and gets on all fours to show off a beautifully muscled, hard as a rock ass (no tanline!). He thrusts into each stroke before he lays back down and grabs a fistful of cock. His massive thighs flex with each stoke as he edges closer. Then he tightens his grip and starts pounding faster, breathing heavier with each moment. Then, hot jizz starts gushing from his cock, landing all over his flexed abs. Beautiful pearls on his olive skin.

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