Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Brandon Evans, Levi Jackson

Director’s Notes:

Levi Jackson and Brandon Evans are both pretty new to BSB still, but sometimes that inexperience can be a big turn on. Levi gets on his knees to suck Brandon’s cock, taking it in his mouth and working it until it’s standing at attention before he gets up and lets Brandon get at his big dick. Brandon deepthroats Levi’s nice cock, getting him hard with his amazing oral skills and when they’re both ready to take it up a notch, Brandon gets on the bed on his hands and knees and Levi slowly slides his throbbing cock into Brandon’s tight hole.

Brandon massages his own prick as he gets fucked raw by Levi, and as Levi fucks him harder he gives Brandon’s fine ass a slap as he buries his cock deeper inside. Levi teases Brandon’s toes with his tongue while he fucks him with his hard bareback cock, making Brandon moan and close his eyes until Levi can’t hold his cum in any more and he unloads it all over Brandon then helps his partner reach his climax next before they exchange a few kisses and get cleaned up!

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