College Dudes: Zeke Weidman stuffs Scott Riley


Studio:  College Dudes

Star(s):  Scott Riley, Zeke Weidman

Director’s Notes:

Scott Riley and Zeke Weidman are casually looking at porn before they get started making their own, joining their lips together for a few kisses before Zeke places more kisses on Scott’s muscular chest. Scott know exactly where this is headed as he takes off his clothes and leans back to let Zeke get at his big dick, taking it in his mouth and sucking it as he deepthroats that meat. Scott gives Zeke some oral, touching himself while he sucks off his partner, but Zeke has another kind of oral in mind and he gets Scott’s ass in the air and buries his face between it!

Zeke rims Scott’s tight hole, getting wet and ready for Zeke’s long dick, arching his back to take that cock as Zeke slowly slides it into him. Zeke grabs Scott’s round ass as he fucks it, slowly at first but then getting faster and deeper as Scott moans for more and reaches down to stroke his own hard cock. Zeke gives it to Scott in a few different positions, but when Scott’s on his back with his legs spread he lets Zeke get all the way inside of him as he jerks his own dick and strokes out a huge load then watches Zeke unload his cum all over Scott’s face and neck.

Click here now to check out the full scene at College Dudes.

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