Chaos Men: Red head Theodore is totally sexy


Studio:  Chaos Men

Star(s):  Theodore

Director’s Notes:

Theodore has a military vibe about him. He joined the service when he was 17 and entered when he was 18, but then only did a short stint before realizing it wasn’t a match.

He arrived just after Christmas and had recently broke up with his girlfriend, so he was trying to keep his chin up. He definitely has a professional vibe about him.

Theodore is very polite, and says “Sir” a lot. He grew up in Iowa, and has that pleasant and wholesome vibe that Iowans are known for. Very eager to please.

His body has very little hair, but he keeps his pubes natural after trying to trim or shave and getting too much itch and red rash bumps. It is nice to see someone 18 year’s old who is not obsessed with pubic shaving.

Theodore was nervous to do the solo but relaxes in no time at all. He ended up watching some very old porn videos that had women in it that had natural breasts. He is not a big fan of the fake boobs that seem to be have become standard for porn women in the last 5 years. I had to dig deep into my porn archive to find girls with cute perky breasts, and didn’t look overly made up.

His cock was easily hard, and he plays to the camera nicely. He also did not seem shy about showing-off his ass, and lightly fingered his hole!

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