Broke Straight Boys: Jesse Avalon tops Jason Sterling


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Jesse Avalon, Jason Sterling

Director’s Notes:

Jesse Avalon is feeling cold today, but the super hot Jason Sterling is here to warm him up, and he goes in for a kiss, making out and stripping Jesse’s clothes off as they make their way to the bed. Jesse lies back and lets Jason suck on his fat cock, working it with his mouth as he makes Jesse grow until he can barely fit that whole dick in his mouth.

Jesse gets a taste of Jason’s meat next, licking that long shaft and working it with his hand and mouth as Jason watches Jesse work his magic. When these guys have had their fill of oral, Jason straddles Jesse and lowers that tight ass onto Jesse’s impressive prick, slowly working up to taking his whole bareback cock as he rides Jesse hard.

They fuck side by side next, Jason’s hole getting stuffed full of Jesse’s huge dick as Jason grabs his own cock and starts jerking it, touching himself while Jesse is buried inside of his ass. Jesse keeps the rhythm slow and steady as he goes deeper until Jason comes and Jesse leans in for some kisses and a taste of that jizz before sticking his cock back inside of Jason until he’s ready to shoot his own load!

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