Badpuppy: Muscle hunks Erik Drda and Petr Zuska get all sticky


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Erik Drda, Petr Zuska

Director’s Notes:

Erik Drda just left the gym and stopped by to see Petr Zuska for some relaxing play time. Erik removes his shirt and pants revealing and incredibly built body. He spies the bottle of lotion on the table, picks it up and squeezes the contents into his hands which he begins applying to his own muscles. As he rubs the lotion into his muscles his hands intermittently disappear into his shorts catching a little grab of his cock. Turning around Erik tempts us with his perfect ass cheeks when he pulls down his shorts before applying more lotion to his legs. Erik lies back on the bed as he waits for Petr to arrive. When Petr walks in he comes over to the bed and very tenderly starts caressing Erik’s muscular body, taking in every gorgeous inch. Petr grabs the lotion, squirts some into his hands and after warming it just a little he begins applying it to Erik. Erik is definitely into the touching as you can see his cock growing harder inside his shorts, especially when Petr moves his hands anywhere new Erik’s crotch. Pulling off Erik’s short, Petr grabs Erik’s cock and begins stroking it getting it even harder before he sucks it into his mouth and begins his tongue massage. As Petr pulls Erik’s legs back, exposing his firm and hairy hole he kneels down and sticks his tongue as far up Erik’s asshole as he can get it. After some good ass priming with Petr’s tongue and fingers, Petr grabs two different dildos. Alternating between the two dildos and slowly jerking Erik’s cock, Petr sends Erik over the edge as he squirts a thick load of jizz all over his stomach and cock. Petr slides up by Erik, grabs his own cock and busts his nut all over Erik’s cock and chest. After the hot sex scene both studs hit the showers where they slowly shower each other.

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