Studio:  Active Duty

Star(s):  Jordan Graves

Director’s Notes:

Now this is what I call a nice breath of something different!! This incredibly adorable, smart, funny, charming fresh recruit is Jordan Graves. Jordan takes a little longer than usual to even take off his outermost garment. Once he does, we see his outrageous, yellow boxer briefs, of fairly sheer material, with something starting to fatten up underneath! Aye carumba!! Finally, Jordan pulls them off and sits back comfortably on the bed. He arranges his legs so the soles of his feet are together. It struck me as a yoga-like pose, which I find extremely arousing. It’s spiritual, yet kinky as fuck. He gets his nice cock hard quickly and shows us what he can do. I enjoyed seeing the way he expresses his sensuousness through his face. He occasionally bites his bottom lip, but gently. That’s really the best word to describe this fine cadet in a nutshell: sensuous. As he tugs his swollen cock, his feet become further apart and Jordan shows us his gorgeous hole. His legs and ass have just the right amount of hair and something about the look of his skin makes me Jordan becomes increasingly more deviant as he works on his fattened pole. We see him reach a hand down and begin enjoying some masturbatory ass play. And from where this action starts, it’s not long before Jordan pulls out a large, purple, vibrating toy for himself! This solo session was just incredible, start to finish, for a lot reasons. One is certainly Jordan’s incredible cum blast. Get comfy and make sure you’re ready to be enchanted. This sweet new soldier is a MUST SEE!

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