William Higgins: Tomas Tonal shows off his naked, muscular body


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Tomas Tonal

Director’s Notes:

Tomas Tonal is aged 23 and lives in Prague.  This well built straight guy works as a programmer and enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness.  He looks very good indeed as he poses for the camera, lifting his tee shirt to show off his hot abs.  Then the tee shirt is removed and his massive chest is fully exposed.  He smiles as he flexes his biceps, turning to give a back view of them too.  Tomas takes off his jeans and does some great poses, wearing just his underwear.  He then removes the underwear to show his sexy ass.  Laying on the sofa, with his legs in the air, he exposes his hot, hairy, hole too.  Then Tomas stands to pose some more, this time with his cock nice and hard.  He gives us a series of views of his hot body and his hard cock before kneeling and pulling his ass cheeks apart for another good look at that sexy ass and the tight hole.

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