Studio(s): William Higgins

Star(s): Paul Hunter, Jirka Mendez

Director’s Notes:

Paul Hunter and Jirka Mendez are two very hot guys. They really enjoy sex and are just getting started as we join them.  Kneeling on the bed and kissing they feel each other’s sexy bodies.  Then Paul’s underwear comes down and Jirka wanks on the stiff cock.  Next Jirka’s hard cock is out too and Paul wanks both dicks together as Jirka rubs over over the sexy chests. They kiss each other again and Paul lays on the bed so that Jirka can suck on his cock and his balls.  Paul moans as he feels the hot mouth working on his cock.  Jirka starts to play with Paul’s hole as he continues sucking.   He slips a finger deep into that hole making Paul moan even more loudly. After sucking that beautiful cock for a while Jirka lays down and Paul returns the favor.  His hot mouth encloses Jirka’s stiff dick and works on it.  Then he climbs over his buddy and they 69. Paul then stands and Jirka sucks him some more before positioning Paul so that he can rim that hot hole. Jirka’s tongue works on the hole, opening up nicely. Then he slips two fingers deep inside, fucking gently. With Jirka laying on the bed Paul slides his ass down on a beautiful stiff cock.  He rides that cock, moaning all the while and rubbing himself too. Then Jirka takes over and fucks his stiff cock up into that eager hole. Paul’s cock stands proud as he rides on Jirka’s throbbing cock. They then change position with Jirka fucking Paul’s sexy ass from behind.  He pounds that hole deep and hard as Paul keeps up his moans of pleasure. Then Jirka moves Paul into missionary postion and slips his cock back into the waiting hole, to fuck it some more.  He really fucks it deep and hard as Paul wanks himself. Paul keeps wanking until he cums, as Jirka keeps up his hard fucking.  Then fucking even harder Jirka is ready to cum.  He quickly scoots up Paul’s body to shoot the cum over his face and chest and into his mouth.  Paul takes the sticky cock into his mouth to suck it dry. Jirka then leans over and kisses Paul before taking him off to the shower so they can clean up.

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