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Sean Cody: Sean bareback tops Noel

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio(s): Sean Cody Star(s): Noel, Sean Director’s Notes: Noel finally got back from his deployment overseas and was really excited to start filming again. “Being over there is really aggressive and nerve racking but here I get to run around and have fun all day!” We tricked Noel a little bit…(Read More)

  Studio(s): William Higgins Star(s): Marion Anel, Milan Stanecek Director’s Notes: Milan Stanecek came in for a casting with Marion Anel.  He does a short interview with Marion and then they start to kiss.  Milan pulls off Marion’s tee shirt and starts to lick and kiss his chest. Then Marion takes…(Read More)

  Studio(s):’s Drill My Hole Star(s): Will Braun, Topher DiMaggio Director’s Notes: Topher Di Maggio is running for office but someone has just leaked to the public that he is gay. Convinced it was Will Braun, he has him choke on his stiff cock and then take it deep…(Read More)

Sean Cody: Brandon bareback drills Blake

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio(s): Sean Cody Star(s): Blake, Brandon Director’s Notes: “Have you two ever met?” I asked Brandon. “We have for sure! We’ve passed each other in the studio once or twice but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to work with him.” Blake was pretty excited as…(Read More)

William Higgins: Martin Dorcak wakes Rosta Benecky

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio(s): William Higgins Star(s): Rosta Benecky, Martin Dorcak Director’s Notes: Rosta Benecky is sleeping as Martin Dorcak sits at a desk writing.  As Martin looks over at Rosta he sees a naked ass, as Rosta has moved and uncovered himself. Turning over Rosta is covered again as Martin moves over to…(Read More)

William Higgins: Jirka Mendez drills Paul Hunter.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio(s): William Higgins Star(s): Paul Hunter, Jirka Mendez Director’s Notes: Paul Hunter and Jirka Mendez are two very hot guys. They really enjoy sex and are just getting started as we join them.  Kneeling on the bed and kissing they feel each other’s sexy bodies.  Then Paul’s underwear comes…(Read More)

William Higgins: Marion Anel tops Roco Rita.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio(s): William Higgins Star(s): Marion Anel, Roco Rita Director’s Notes: Roco Rita and Marion Anel are in for a screenteset.  We find them as they are kissing.  Marion pulls off Roco’s tee shirt and he returns the favor.  They continue to kiss as they grope and rub each other.  Roco…(Read More)

  Studio(s): William Higgins Star(s): Michael Reid Director’s Notes: Michael Red is aged 19.  This beautiful straight guy lives in Brno where he is a student.  In his spare time he enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. He is a very handsome redhead who looks very good as he poses, fully dressed…(Read More)